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    A room is not merely four walls and a door – its color and texture and design – it’s a feeling you get when you walk in the door. The talented team of designers on staff at Sparhawk Contracting, Can help bring any room or office to life. At Sparhawk, the architects work in tandem with the builder and the contractor to ensure your budget is met and no time is wasted in the overall process.
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Your Home Holds A Wealth Of Amazing Design Opportunities. You will appreciate how simple and affordable Custom Counter tops and Cabinets can be. Precision measurements, custom hand-crafting and professional installation make it care-free and convenient.

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Sparhawk Contracting is led by a team meeting or exceeding our customers’ construction expectations. We have built our reputation on helping commercial clients with commercial remodeling, construction management, tenant build outs, multi-family/apartment renovations and much more.

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Whether building a custom home or remodeling, Sparhawk Contracting, Inc. realizes that your home is more than lumber and shingles - it's where you relax at the end of the day. It's where you live. For your new home, or next remodeling project, build with someone who will give you quality to last a lifetime.

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Many people assume that they can simply 1) buy a house, 2) apply a fresh coat of paint, 3) trim some bushes, and then 4) resell the home at a profit. Unfortunately, this process, called "flipping" is not that easy. After all, if it were, everyone would be doing it.

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